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N.Dip (Int Arch)

B. Tech (Int Arch)

Experience: Zanee has over 15 years of design experience in Retail, commercial and High-end Residentials. She is able to adapt and live herself into every new concept and focuses on the practical solutions not only just the aesthetic aspects. Client relationship and site problem solving is of her strongest attributes as she enjoys getting herself involved in finding solutions.

Interests: Zanee loves to spend quality time with her tribe. She enjoys fitness and outdoor adventures and always loves to motivate and inspire others to strive to be greater and to aim for bigger and better.




N.Dip (Int Arch)

B. Tech (Int Arch)

Experience: Antionette has over 13 years of design experience in Retail, commercial and High-end Residentials. She specializes in bespoke design - Retail and restaurants. She enjoys the technical aspect of design, is innovative and has an eye for unique detailed design

Interests: Antionette loves travelling and seeing the world. In every new country she explores, something of every culture leaves an impression that fuels her design energy. When it comes to design... what she brings to the drawing board will be one of a kind as Antionette ventures on the roads less travelled.
With her go getter attitude there is nothing she cannot design.




BSc (Int Arch)

MProf (Int Arch)

Experience: With 5 years of experience, Gerda is still at the beginning of her creative journey. She started off with commercial interior design, where she gained valuable design and site experience. From there she moved into residential design and touched on trendy retail projects. With good insight into the different interior fields, she moved to the UAE to see what more the design world has to offer.


Gerda is a dreamer, often with her head in the clouds and her heart rooted in creative things. She has a passion for design in all its manifestations and enjoys the act of making things by hand. In her spare time, she also digs into a bit of graphic design and the occasional wedding invitation.

But her biggest interest above all else, is her weird and wonderful love for fury cat creatures.  




BSc (Int Arch)

B (Int Hons)

Experience: With 12+ years of experience in the Interior Design Industry,  Sarni has never had a dull moment. She has worked on a vast variety of projects ranging from Retail to Residential, from big company clients to the smallest of revamps. Her passion lies with creatively solving any design challenge. Her capabilities stretch from Creativity, Forward thinking, Space planning up to strong Technical resolve – making her a well-rounded designer. Sarni has also spent some time lecturing Design and Research at Inscape Design School.


Interest: Sarni likes to explore many routes for inspiration, whether it’s Design Literature, Art, Music, People or Food. She loves trying new things and savouring experiences. Friends and Family are an important part of her life. She believes in Love, Community and Empathy.

Sarni website 01.jpg


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